Most people I talked to are really nice, but the paint quality is not good, not even after they repainted the bumper for a second time.

Price is higher than everybody else. I had many Porsche bumpers repainted and they all ran between $300-$500. This shop charged me $637 ($620 because they didn't have change). They charge you the 3% credit card fee if you don't pay cash

I had to drive to this shop 5 times during my work hours. Two times are expected to drop off and pick up, but 5 times? My boss wasn't happy about me beeing gone and none of my additional rides haven't been appreciated by this shop in any way.

1: Drop off
2: Pick up (Left bumper because of many visible stone chips. They said come tomorrow early)
3: Pick up (Went early as requested but bumper wasn't ready)
4: Pick up (Left bumper there because buffing didn't remove stone chips) Repaint!
5: Pick up (Still issues after repaint)

For a shop that wants to be Porsche certified you have to improve your quality way more. I'm putting this bumper on my car and it's sad that I have to accept the issues.

Issues visible in pictures:
- Tow hook cover has too much paint/clear coat on one side
- Bottom had too much paint on corner too. Longest paint collection I've seen.
- Top corner has new clamp marks. Possibly where bumper was fixed for painting.
- One paint chip was oversprayed. They have possibly dropped the bumper.


thumb Angel M.

  Oh my gosh WORST auto body shop ever. I will never return here. I brought my vehicle here to get repaid and before a they received a pre approval from my insurance they decided to break the car down. Choose NOT to inform me and now there's bill for about 2,000. I asked Ben why didn't he inform me and he just brushed it off. I was told to call my insurance and ask them if they can cover the $2,000 which they didn't. I didn't have cash on hand and Ben was already talking about holding fees. I didn't have the $2,000 and now your adding holding fees because you guys failed to inform me ? Please save your time and money

thumb hunter p.

  reached back to my request for quote very late, they looked like they would be good, but don't utilize the Yelp system well. Sent them photo of work needed and they still haven't gotten back to me, guess they aren't interested in doing it this way. Already got it fixed with another vender!

thumb Chip R.